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Friends of the Ladd Carriage House

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Restoration of the Ladd Carriage House

Completed in May 2009

The Dirty Duck Tavern Building (9/4/09) - Proposed Demolition

Update:  The Portland Landmarks Commission considered the demolition proposal from Blanchet House; this goes to City Council for a public hearing on 2/3/2010.

The Portland Development Commission (PDC) is proposing the demolition of the Dirty Duck Tavern Building located at 421-439 NW 3rd Avenue, to replace it with a new social services Blanchet House. Also known as the Kiernan Building, the Dirty Duck is listed as a secondary contributing structure in the New Chinatown/Japantown Historic District. The modest 1916 building was designed by Portland architect and civic leader E.B. MacNaughton. This would be the first demolition in Portland of a designated historic building, since demolition denial authority was restored to the Portland Landmarks Ordinance in late 2004. Of special concern is that should this demolition occur, it would open the door for the demolition of the historic Blanchet House Building, a primary contributing structure in this historic district. We are watching this proposal carefullly and have provided comments on the proposal to the City. If you have questions or concerns about this proposed development, contact us for more information.

Riverdale School - UPDATED 7/9/09                    

Despite the long & intense efforts of Preserve Riverdale and many of us in the preservation community, the Riverdale School District chose to demolish the historic AE Doyle building – and did not bother to wait for the Hearings Officer’s decision on the application for a conditional use for a new school. A pre-emptive demolition was their deliberate course of action. This is a wake-up call for the need to get buildings designated as historic, especially those owned by the public sector (that’s us, the “public”) where owner consent should not be a big issue.

Brian Libby has posted a write-up about the demolition on his Portland Architecture blog, including powerful images of the building's demise. You can read his blog by clicking here.

Save the Pagoda - UPDATED 7/9/09

Key Bank has begun the remodel of the Pagoda Building and the pagoda structure has now been removed.  As part of our advocacy efforts the Bosco-Milligan Foundation submitted comments to the City of Portland expressing our concern that the planned re-development will not meet the goals and objectives of the Hollywood - Sandy Boulevard District Plan. These arguments were rejected by the city, primarily because the building does not have any formal historic status.