Annual Juried Art Exhibit 2010

Architectural Heritage Center


The Architectural Heritage Center Presents:
Fostering Harmony:
The Symbiotic Relationship of Architecture and Nature
Exhibit Dates: November 5 – December 31, 2010


We would like to thank everyone who supported this exhibit and the Community Conversation series. We are pleased to announce that it was a big success!

First Friday Reception: December 3rd
Community Conversations: Nov. 10, 18, 26; Dec 9, 17
Beginning at 6:00 pm and free to the public

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Theme of the Exhibit

What happens when the natural world meets the man-made?

Architecture is often viewed as an intrusion; the “built” world cannot exist without changing and re-shaping the natural one. But this process need not be destructive.

How does architecture complement the natural world?

Like nature, architecture adapts. The “built” world can dominate the natural one, but it can also become a part of it. When the two successfully coexist, the beauty of both can emerge.

What happens when the two worlds merge?

In “Fostering Harmony: the Symbiotic Relationship of Architecture and Nature,” artists were invited to examine these and other themes. Through painting, photography and sculpture the exhibit explores what happens when the built and natural worlds meet.

The Architectural Heritage Center will host “Fostering Harmony: The Symbiotic Relationship of Architecture and Nature” during the 2010 holiday season. The exhibit offers Pacific Northwest artists an opportunity to have their work exposed to the community, offer work for sale to the public, and support the AHC/Bosco-Milligan Foundation’s education programs, advocacy efforts, and collections stewardship. The chosen artwork will be displayed at the AHC for two months, and artists will hold weekly community conversations based around their work and the exhibit’s theme.


Jury Award Winners                                                                                                            

1st place: Robert Calvo for “71% (Ocean Totem)”

Ocean Totem

2nd place: Jean Thomas for “Blue Heron Mill”

Blue Heron Mill

  3rd place: CJ Hurley for “The Birth of Architecture: Unity of Nature and Mind”

The Birth of Architecture

Congratulations to CJ Hurley, the recipient of the Viewers Choice Award!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting.


Viewer’s Choice Award                                                                                                         

Throughout the exhibit, members of the public will have the opportunity to vote for the winner of this year’s Viewer’s Choice Award.

The winner of the award will receive a certificate for a complimentary wine tasting and tour at the Dobbes Family Estate Winery in Dundee, Oregon.

Featured Artists                                                                                                                     
Artist:                         Medium:
Tracie Broughton          Painting
Robert Calvo                Sculpture & Painting
Leah Faure                   Painting
Patrick Gracewood       Sculpure & Painting
CJ Hurley                     Painting & Drawing
MC Reardon                 Photography
Danila Rumold              Painting
Jeff Schnabel                Encaustic
Jean Thomas                Painting
Jill Torberson               Sculpture


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