Architecture and Cityscapes

Architecture and Cityscapes

A Special Holiday Art Exhibit and Sale

November 19th - January 31, 2012

Artist Reception and AHC Holiday Party
December 7th ‐ 3 pm to 7 pm
Reception is Free and open to the public

Admission to the AHC galleries is free for the entire month of December

The AHC is pleased to announce our final exhibit of 2011. Established artists from the Portland community were invited to show in this special architecture themed holiday exhibit. The focus of the work is on Architecture and Cityscapes and there is a range of mediums, sizes, and price points represented.

All work is for sale and purchases made for the gift giving season will be available to pick-up in time for the holidays. Many artists will have prints, greeting cards, and other inexpensive artistic items available that are appropriate for the gift giving season.


          Gracie Campbell            
I was born in Delaware, known as "The First State" and surrounded with the history of the founding of America. It was everywhere, local, historic architecture; on small town main streets, mills and farm buildings in the countryside and in the capitol communities. Historic landmarks were an important part of daily life. My passion for their beauty inspired me to draw them beginning in my teens. Over the years I've created hundreds of architectural and landscape pen & inks not only by commission but as a contribution to preservation. I believe that the past, represented in visual art, isn't about sentiment but is an essential means to connect us with each chapter of human life. To me this art work gives core meaning to today.



          Shawn Demarest            
My work is a response to my surroundings. Whether painting from observation or in the studio, my natural drive is to represent the visual world that I find myself in. Currently, as a resident of Portland,OR, I am painting various neighborhood views. Notably, much of this work represents city streets. I take joy in noticing stunning compositions, patterns, light, or weather and then responding by drawing out and expressing those qualities. I also paint from observation, often along the Willamette River that cuts through Portland. The paintings in this show are from a recent and ongoing body of called "Small in a Big Place". All depict various locations in SE Portland.



          Leah Faure                     



          CJ Hurley                     
Nature and a sense of pathos for a forgotten and mysterious past is the inspiration for my recent work which urges people to view our environment differently. I want to suggest a sense of the majesty of the natural world and hope people will take away a new sense of awe and respect for nature. I want people to be inspired to use an appreciation for nature as a way to transform their lives. The two paintings on exhibit here are from “Houses, Landscape, Flowers and Dreams", my recent collection of paintings, drawings, and poetry.



          Stephen Korbich         
I am an architect and artist living in Portland Oregon. My training and experience as an architect influences the way I see the world and what I want to paint. I am interested in the relationship between man and nature. Our time here is limited and our attempts to make our mark are fleeting. There is both a disturbing and poetic way that our constructed interventions impact the world visually and I try to capture this in my paintings. I like the tactile quality of painting and the way it forces me to really look at something.



          Jean Thomas              
When I first moved to Portland from the Arizona desert 7 years ago, I was enchanted with my new environment. As an artist, it took a while to adjust my paintings to the different light & shadow, different color palette, and the wonderful subject matter. After exploring various kinds of landscapes and cityscapes, I’ve concentrated on Portland’s iconic bridges. My work continues to find intriguing views of these incredible structures whether expressed in a traditional style or in the abstract.



          Aaron Trotter            
Illustrated Portland Places
: My drawings of Portland celebrate the city’s history in architecture. As an archaeologist and technical illustrator, I have long had a passion for the language of buildings. For more than a year, I have been illustrating important landmarks and have created over 100 original drawings all sketched on location. My works been reproduced for greeting cards, prints and a deck of playing cards. Each card displays a different landmark or neighborhood place. My work on exhibit at the AHC features 6 of my original drawings and I also have greeting cards and decks of my playing cards available. In 2011, I traveled and sketched the Pacific Northwest and am developing Illustrated playing cards from these works.