Auction Volunteers Needed

Our dedicated volunteers are the backbone to the success of the “A Streetcar Named Preservation” Heritage Auction. We are going into our 17th year and expect this year’s auction to be another fantastic event; however, we need your help!

If you have a few hours a week, a month, or are available on the day of the auction, we welcome your help. Please take a look at the list of committees and let us know how you’d like to participate. If you don’t see what you’re looking for but have an idea of another task you think would be helpful – we welcome your ideas. Contact Ita Lindquist to sign up or give her a call at the AHC 503-231-7264.

Committee Roles & Responsibilities

General Auction Committee (GC)

The General Auction Committee (aka GC) is comprised of the committee chairs of each of the following committees. The committee chair is responsible for attending the monthly GC meeting plus their specific committee meetings. If the committee chair is not able to attend a meeting they are responsible for finding a substitute to represent them at the GC meeting.

Procurement Committee

Procurement Committee is responsible for getting physical donations for both oral and silent auctions; as well as the raffle and wall of wine. The procurement committee should have two chairs – one responsible for the oral and the other responsible for silent items. A third chair may be assigned specifically for raffle items and packages (i.e. a weekend get-away to Seattle with round-trip Amtrak tickets, two night stay at a hotel, dinner gift certificate and tickets for two to an event/show). The procurement committee is responsible for identifying a target list (using past donors and new creative ideas), sending the request letter to possible donors and following up. One member of the procurement committee will be responsible for entering items into the auction software program. This task will only be assigned to one person for data integrity purposes. AHC front desk volunteers can help with mailings.

Ticket Sales Committee

(Auction Tickets, Raffle Tickets and Drink Tickets)
The ticket sales committee is responsible for identifying a target list (using past attendees and new creative ideas) – it would be recommended that within the ticket sales committee there are at least two chairs – one responsible for individual/table ticket sales and the other for corporate sponsorships and raffle sales. Drink tickets are simply a responsibility for the night of – pre-sales not required. AHC front desk volunteers can help with mailings.

Registration/Cashier Committee

The registration and cashier committee (aka RCC) will be responsible for making sure our guests’ experience is smooth and worry free. Although registration and cashiering are two separate responsibilities, these rolls are closely tied and should be thought of as a team. The committee should have two chairs – one responsible for the role of the registrars and the second the cashiers. The RCC will be responsible for assembling registration packets, setting up the filing system for the packets and later the receipts and for knowing where the auction manager is at all times. Since the RCC is the most stationary group, people will look to you to answer their questions – you will be armed with the most common questions and the contact number for the auction manager if there is a problem or if you are unable to answer the question.

Website/On-line Communications Committee

The website committee will be responsible for all on-line marketing communication pertaining to the auction. Working with the systems and procedures already established by Barbara Pierce, our Marketing Manger, the website committee will start by auditing the current BMF/AHC website and making sure all auction related material is up-to-date. The website committee will be responsible for monthly content updates, as outlined in the general timeline and additional details as needed. The committee will send all web content to Barbara; as well as content for the weekly eNewsletter when applicable. The committee will also be responsible for the implementation and management of the on-line ticket sales application. The website committee should consist of computer savvy individuals who can work together as a team for content integrity purposes.

Decoration Committee

The decoration committee is responsible for “designing” the centerpieces for the dinner tables at the auction. The committee has a fugal budget so think Design on a Dime. The decoration committee usually begins meeting regularly in September. The goal is to come up with the centerpiece concept, acquire the materials and build the centerpieces on site the day of the event. The sooner the decoration theme is defined the sooner work can start on the acquiring of materials (i.e. looking for donations). You do not need to be an artist or an interior designer. You must have an open and creative mind, a willingness to think outside the box and an attention to detail.

Set-up Committee

Set-up committee will meet with the procurement chairs the week prior to the auction to familiarize themselves with the items and the general concept of what should be grouped together. The set-up committee needs to be available the afternoon of Friday, October 15th and the morning of Saturday, October 16th – set-up committee members should feel comfortable lifting heavier objects and enjoy more physical tasks. Set-up committee members will help move the objects from the AHC to the Governor (hopefully Friday afternoon but time TBD closer to the event) and get everything in place at the Governor.

Tear-down Committee

Tear-down committee is responsible for the quick, night of clean up, but more importantly helping with the moving of unclaimed items the next morning. A moving company will be hired to move everything from the Governor back to the AHC on Sunday; however, we need volunteers to help box up and facilitate the move. Tear-down committee should be auction attendees or volunteers the night of to help with the quick room sweep after the event and be willing to return Sunday morning at 10:00 AM to help with the move out. The tear-down committee chair will be responsible for speaking with the set-up committee chair to understand where boxes and other packaging materials have been stored to pass along to the tear-down committee.

Patron Party Committee

Patron Party Committee is responsible for organizing the Patron Party the hour prior to the auction. Patron party committee will select the hors d’oeuvres to be served and the beverages at the event (within the set budget), arrange for entertainment (i.e. musician) and the lay-out of the room (the hotel will do the set up). The patron party committee should work with the decoration committee for decoration needs. The committee will be responsible to meet and greet our honored guests at the event and insure that everyone is having a great time. This is a great opportunity for those party people and entertainers.


Ita Lindquist to sign up or give her a call at the AHC 503-231-7264.