Fiber Five Artists

What Comes Next?

Five Fiber Artists present two exhibits at the Architectural Heritage Center. The five women, all members of the Columbia FiberArts Guild and Studio Art Quilt Associates, will present two Special Education Programs during their exhibits.

All events are free and open to the public

Two series of art on exhibit in February and March, 2013

Exhibiting Artists:
Diane Born, Quinn Zander Corum, Georgia French, Elaine Millar, Hilde Morin


"Fiber Artists Working in a Series"

Opening Reception:   Friday, February 1, 2013    6:00-8:00pm

Education Program:
Teaching Techniques and Trunk Show
Tuesday, February 12, 2013    6:00 – 8:00 pm

"A Different Look"

Opening Reception:   Friday, March 1, 2013    6:00-8:00pm

Education Program:
A showing of the film ‘Stitched’ followed by artist technique presentations
Thursday, March 21, 2013    6:00 – 8:00 pm



Diane Born Textile Art






Diane Born

We humans reflect our interests in our activities. Having given tours of art collections in museums in Texas and here in Portland, I naturally turn to schools of art for subject matter with fiber creations. Trips to France, Spain and Portugal, Sicily and recently Croatia have filled my mind with intense colors, complex ethnic patterns and religious buildings, Christian and otherwise. Potted plants with extravagantly colorful leaves, buildings mirrored in canal reflections, brightly hued shops hugging busy streets - many influences have shaped my series “Pictures at an Exhibition”.



Quinn Zander Corum Fiber Art





Quinn Zander Corum

I grew up among an extended family of rural women who sewed, from clothing to dishtowels to linens and quilts. Though I employ many of the same sewing techniques that have long been used, and though it's important to me that my quilts maintain the technical integrity of fine needlework, I no longer limit my work to traditional patterns, materials, techniques or bed coverings. I work not out of necessity, but with the purpose of exploring ideas and expressing myself through fabric, thread, color and line.



Georgia French Fiber Art






Georgia French

I am forever studying design and composition, and my focus in this series is to manipulate value, color, shape and scale to control how the viewer sees my work. I think of this as creating visual pathways through the artwork, via which the viewer can find interest and, I hope, surprises.




Elaine Millar Fiber Art





Elaine Millar

I have photographed turbines in many locations, including Oregon, California and New Zealand. In each case the landscape is different but the turbines remain the same. These three bladed structures in hexagonal shape offer perfect balance and rhythm. If you soften their lines, they resemble palm trees. When I cross into the desert on the I-10, I enjoy that sometimes they are in perfect synchronization, other times they seem to be touching and always reaching to the sun.



Hilde Morin Fiber Art




Hilde Morin

"My fascination with architectural structures continues. Influenced by my travels, I strive to feel the mood of the place. It is only then that I am able to add an extra layer of life, drama and reality to my interpretations. I enjoy extremes: plain and vivid colors, weathered and fresh walls, chaotic and planned structures, clean and cluttered lines".