Sue Lau: Nostalgia Up Close

“Nostalgia Up Close”

A solo exhibit featuring paintings and mixed media art
by Portland artist, Sue Lau

Opening Reception, Friday April 6, 2012   6pm-8pm
Free and Open to the public
On exhibit through May 1, 2012



The exhibit showcases Sue’s hand-painted paper dress collages and multi-media paintings of objects Baby Boomers grew up with…Converse shoes, transistor radios, VW vans, vintage kitchen tools and Catholic school uniforms.







Sue Lau works most often with acrylic and mixed media, though often she expands into ink, colored pencil and watercolor. Sue began her study of art with an interior design degree. As her children grew and her inner artist transitioned, she made a career change and has been an art instructor and visiting artist in many Portland area schools. In addition to creating her own work, she currently teaches art at M.I.T.C.H Charter School in Tigard.





Special Education program and exhibit for kids:
During her exhibit, Sue will be conducting a hands-on art program for kids at the AHC. In May, the work of the children and a selection of Sue’s architectural work will be on exhibit in celebration of Historic Preservation Month. Registration will be required and space is limited. Parents of interested children can find out more information in April through our enews or by checking the AHC Facebook page. The public is invited to the opening reception of this special exhibit on Friday, May 4th, 6-8pm.




A statement from the artist: Children have taught me about art. They have influenced my style with their sense of humor and broad use of color. When I paint I have a strong concept, but ultimately the outcome is like hanging on to the leash of a big rambunctious dog on an unexplored trail. The end result is always a bit of a surprise.

I studied art in college until I was pretty sure I didn’t want to be a teacher. My fall back major was Interior Architecture. I wore uncomfortable shoes and worked mostly part-time in a fairly uneventful career as an interior designer.

Marriage and children greatly improved my foot wear. In 1997 I volunteered as the teacher art aid in my daughters’ classrooms at Markham Elementary because I couldn’t remember how to run copies on the Xerox machine in the PTA workroom. I found I was well suited and prepared to teach and design art lessons. Soon, I became the “Artist in Residence” teaching 1-5th grade custom art curriculum. I simultaneously started work on my art portfolio.

I’m old enough to remember the Plate Spinning act on the Ed Sullivan show. It was a joyful display of multi-tasking. Finding a balance between teaching art and making art is a constant adjustment. As our family approaches the empty nest phase there are fewer “dishes” to juggle and I look forward to new creative endeavors.

-Sue Lau